The mission of Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) is to enhance decision making at NC State. This mission is accomplished through OIRP’s primary functions: planning, institutional research, survey research, and evaluation and assessment.

Through planning, we help the university and its constituent parts articulate broad strategies that address critical challenges and take advantage of opportunities, so that decisions are consistent with an overall vision.

Through institutional research, we provide information and analysis, so that decisions are based on facts.

Through evaluation and assessment -- including surveys gathering the opinions and experiences of our campus community -- we help the university reflect on and demonstrate the effectiveness of its initiatives, programs, and services, so that decisions reflect what really works.


Within a few weeks after graduating, about 45 percent of the NC State May 2013 graduating seniors had secured a full-time job - - with more than half of them having more than one job offer from which to choose.   Almost half of those with a full-time position will be working in the Triangle, and another 20 percent will be working elsewhere in North Carolina.  Another one-fourth of the May 2013 graduating seniors were planning on attending graduate or professional school, with 80 percent of them already accepted into a program. 

Source: NC State May 2013 Future Plans SurveyThis link will open in a new window