Institutional Research
 is traditionally defined as a collection of activities designed to support the information and planning needs of institutions of higher learning. These needs focus on the twin demands of externally mandated accountability reporting and internally directed decision-making. Institutional Research should be the repository for definitions and reporting standards that allow clear communication between divisions. Information, not data, is the objective.

Planning is an ongoing process for aligning decisions made across the university with a shared institutional vision and strategy.  Strategic planning anticipates change, identifies opportunities, and formulates actions based on organizational context and evidence.

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) contributes to the University strategic mission by providing consistent and reliable data to inform and support effective decision-making across all campus constituencies and levels of governance. The OIRP collaborates with the campus community to identify information needs, collect and manage data, provide analysis, and disseminate clear and accurate findings that encourage the transformation of knowledge into meaningful action.  The OIRP serves the diverse information needs and reporting demands of the campus and external entities in a timely, unbiased, and responsible manner.



Within a few weeks after graduating, about 45 percent of the NC State May 2013 graduating seniors had secured a full-time job – – with more than half of them having more than one job offer from which to choose.   Almost half of those with a full-time position will be working in the Triangle, and another 20 percent will be working elsewhere in North Carolina.  Another one-fourth of the May 2013 graduating seniors were planning on attending graduate or professional school, with 80 percent of them already accepted into a program.

Source: NC State May 2013 Future Plans Survey