Faculty & Departments

OIRP provides access to online applications that are used by faculty and departments within NC State University. The applications found below provide, and collect, information used by these entities on campus.

Academic Analytics – A comprehensive faculty scholarly productivity database that provides its clients with discipline level peer comparison to support strategic planning and decision-making

Academic Program Assessment – maintains assessment plans for each academic program, including all degree programs and certificates recognized on official university transcripts

ClassEval – ClassEval is the end-of-semester survey for students to evaluate instruction of all university classes.

Digital Measures – The system provides a single location for maintaining information on faculty professional accomplishments and can produce customized reports throughout the year for academic departments, college administration, accrediting agencies, and for other external reporting requirements.

Qualtrics – online survey software made available free of charge to all NC State faculty, staff, and students

Institutional Data Profiles – provides detailed breakdowns of data pertaining to all major areas of the university from space allocation to student credit hours.

Data Verification Tools – This application will help identify possible data integrity issues within the university that can affect required reports and analysis.