ClassEval is the end-of-semester survey for students to evaluate instruction of all university classes. The current survey is administered online and includes 12 closed-ended questions and 3 open-ended questions.  Deans, department heads, and instructors may add a limited number of their own questions to these 15 common-core questions.

Office of Institutional Research and Planning administers ClassEval consistent with university regulations (PRR 05.20.10) and with the advice of the Evaluation of Teaching Committee (EOTC), a standing committee chartered and sponsored by the provost. The EOTC and Faculty Senate review changes in the governing regulation with final approval by the provost.

Each semester students’ responses are compiled into a ClassEval report for every instructor and class.   Instructors use the evaluations to improve instruction and include them in their promotion and tenure dossiers, while department heads use them in annual reviews. The reports are included in instructors’ personnel files and are considered confidential.

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