College and University Means

The means are computed from all valid responses by college owning course, and for the university as a whole. Only the core questions are included here. Undergraduate and graduate courses are computed separately.

Summer II Five-Week 2016 and Department Means

Summer I Ten-Week 2016 and Department Means

Summer I Five-Week 2017 and Department Means

Summer I Three-Week 2017 and Department Means

Spring Full Semester 2017 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week II 2017 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week I 2017 and Department Means

Fall Full Semester 2016 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week II 2016 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week I 2016 and Department Means

Summer II Five-Week 2016 and Department Means

Summer I Ten-Week 2016 and Department Means

Summer I Five-Week 2016 and Department Means

Summer I Three-Week 2016 and Department Means

Spring Full Semester 2016 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week II 2016 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week I 2016 and Department Means

Fall Full Semester 2015 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week II 2015 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week I 2015 and Department Means

Summer II Five-Week 2015 and Department Means

Summer I Ten-Week 2015 and Department Means

Summer I Five-Week 2015 and Department Means

Summer I Three-Week 2015 and Department Means

Spring Full Semester 2015 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week II 2015 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week I 2015 and Department Means

Fall Full Semester 2014 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week II 2014 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week I 2014 and Department Means

Summer Ten Week 2014 and Department Means

Summer II Full Semester 2014 and Department Means

Summer I Full Semester 2014 and Department Means

Summer I Three-Week 2014 and Department Means

Spring Full Semester 2014 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week II 2014 and Department Means

Spring Eight-Week I 2014 and Department Means

Fall Full Semester 2013 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week II 2013 and Department Means

Fall Eight-Week I 2013 and Department Means

Summer Ten-Week 2013 and Department Means

Summer II Semester 2013 and Department Means

Summer I Semester 2013 and Department Means

Spring Semester 2013 and Department Means

Fall Semester 2012 and Department Means

Spring 2012 and Department Means

Fall 2011 Mean differences

Fall 2011 and Department Means * Note: Survey modified from prior terms.

Summer 1 2011 and Department Means

Summer Ten-Week 2011 and Department Means

Spring 2011 and Department Means

Fall 2010 and Department Means

Summer 2010 and Department Means

Spring 2010 and  Department Means

Fall 2009 and Department Means

Spring 2009 and Department Means

Fall 2008 and Department Means

Summer 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007  – For fall 2007 the means for departments, colleges, and university were re-computed. Here is a page that represents the differences in departmental means from the old (incorrect computation) and the new (corrected computation).

Spring 2007