Research Extensive Universities

Links to the home pages, planning or institutional research offices, and fact books or statistical facts about universities classified as research extensive. This page will continue to be updated as more links are discovered. Please write me at the address below concerning any updates or additions.

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Peer Institution Home Page Planning or Institutional Research Office University Facts & Figures
  Brandeis University   Office of Planning and Institutional Research   Brandeis Facts & Figures
  Brown University   Office of Institutional Research   Facts About Brown
  California Institute of Technology   Budget and Planning Office   CalTech At a Glance
  Carnegie-Mellon University   Institutional Research and Analysis   Fast Facts
  Case Western University   Center for Institutional Research   Facts About Case
  Columbia University   Planning & Institutional Research   Columbia Fact Book
  Cornell University   Division of Planning & Budget   Cornell Fact Book
  Duke University   Institutional Research   Duke University at a Glance
  Emory University   Office of Institutional Research &  Effectiveness   Facts & Figures , Common Data Set
  Georgia Institute of Technology   Institutional Research and Planning   Georgia Tech Fact Book
  Harvard University   Financial Strategy & Planning    Harvard University Fact Book
  Indiana University   University Institutional Research &  Reporting   Indiana University Fact Book
  Iowa State University   Institutional Research   Iowa University 
  Johns Hopkins University   Institutional Research    Facts & Statistics
  Massachusetts Institute of  Technology   Institutional Research   MIT Facts
  McGill University   Planning and Institutional Analysis     McGill Facts 
  Michigan State University   Office of Planning & Budgets   University Profile 
  New York University   Office of Institutional Research & Program  Evaluation    NYU Fact book
  North Carolina State University   Institutional Strategy and Analysis   NCSU Fast Facts
  Northwestern University   Institutional Research   Northwestern Data Book
  Ohio State University   Resource Planning   Information – Facts & Figures
  Penn State University-Main  Campus   Planning And Institutional Assessment   Fact Book
  Princeton University   Institutional Research Office   About Princeton, Data & Information
  Purdue University-Main Campus Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Effectiveness   Fast Facts
  Rice University   Office of Institutional Research   Rice Facts
  Rutgers University-New  Brunswick   Institutional Research and Academic  Planning   Fact Book 
  Stanford University   Institutional Research   Data & Findings
  SUNY-Buffalo   Office of Institutional Analysis   About SUNY-Buffalo, UB Facts
  SUNY-Stony Brook   Office of Institutional Research   Facts & Rankings
  Syracuse University   Office of Institutional Research &  Assessment   Facts and Figures
  Texas A & M University   Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation   Statistical Reports
  Tulane University   Office of Assessment and Institutional  Research    Tulane Facts
  University of Arizona   University Analytics & Institutional Research   Fact Book
  University of California- Berkeley   Planning and Analysis   Our Berkely
  University of California-Davis   Budget & Institutional Analysis   Facts & Figures, Report Retriever
  University of California-Irvine   Institutional Research   Analytical Studies & Info  Management 
  University of California-Los  Angeles   Academic Planning & Budget   Strategic Planning Data
  University of California-San Diego   Institutional Research   Campus Profile
  University of California-Santa  Barbara   Institutional Planning and Assessment   Planning Data Book
  University of Chicago   N/A   About University of Chicago
  University of Colorado-Boulder   Office of Planning, Budget & Analysis    Just the Facts
  University of Florida   Office of Institutional Planning & Research   University of Florida Facts
  University of Georgia   Office of Institutional Research    Fact Book
  University of Illinois-Urbana   Office for Planning & Budgeting   About the University, Data
  University of Iowa   Communications & Reports    Fact Book, About Univ. of Iowa
  University of Kansas   Office of Institutional Research & Planning   Profiles, About U of Kansas
  University of Maryland-College  Park   Institutional Research, Planning &  Assessment   Facts and Figures
  University of Michigan   Office of Budget & Planning   Facts & Figures
  University of Minnesota   Office of Institutional Research   Facts & Figure
  University of Missouri-Columbia   Institutional Research   About Mizzou
  University of Nebraska-Lincoln   Institutional Research & Planning    Fact Book
  University of North Carolina-  Chapel Hill   Office of Institutional Research and  Assessment    Fact Book
  University of Oregon   Budget & Resource Planning   University Profile
  University of Pennsylvania   Institutional Research & Analysis    Penn Facts
  University of Pittsburgh   Institutional Research   Fact Book
  University of Rochester   Institutional Research   Fact Book
  University of Southern California   Office of Budget & Planning    At a Glance
  University of Texas at Austin   Institutional Reporting, Research and    Information Systems   Facts & Figures
  University of Toronto   Planning & Budget    Facts & Figures, About UT
  University of Virginia  Institutional Assessment & Studies   Facts at a Glance
  University of Washington   Planning and Budgeting    Fact book, About UW
  University of Wisconsin-Madison   Academic Planning & Analysis   Madison Data Digest
  Vanderbilt University   Vanderbilt Institutional Research Group    Fact Book
  Virginia Polytechnic Institute   Analytics & Institutional  Effectiveness    Fact Book & Common Data Set
  Washington University   Office of Public Affairs   About WUSL, Fact book
  Yale University   Office of Institutional Research   Yale Fact Sheet & Common Data Set

N/A denotes that institution does not have a link to an institutional research or planning web page, or that it could not be located on their site. For more information