University Organization

North Carolina State University Organization Chart

North Carolina State University Organization Chart Non-Detail  

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Office of the Chancellor 
Office of Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 
College of Design 
College of Education 
College of Engineering 
College of Humanities & Social Sciences 
College of Natural Resources 
College of Sciences 
Wilson College of Textiles 
College of Veterinary Medicine 
Poole College of Management 
Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications (DELTA) 

Academic Outreach & Entrepreneurship 
Academic Strategy & Resource Management 
Division of Academic & Student Affairs 
Enrollment Management & Services 
External Affairs, Partnerships & Economic Development 
Faculty Affairs 
Finance & Administration 
General Counsel 
Global Engagement 
Goodnight Scholars Program 
Information Technology 
Institute for Emerging Issues / Outreach & Engagement 
Institutional Equity & Diversity
Institute for Advanced Analytics 
Institutional Strategy & Analysis
Interdisciplinary Studies 
Internal Audit Division 
Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science
McKimmon Center for Extension & Continuing Education 
NCSU Libraries 
Park Scholarships 
Research & Innovation 
Shelton Leadership Center 
Office of the Treasurer  
University Advancement  
University Communications and Marketing