Detailed Summary

Personnel Headcounts and FTEs – The tables listed below provide data for university employees, based on the census taken September 30 of each year. Not all faculty tables use the same data definitions, and some definition changes make adjacent years not comparable. For example:

  • Employees are divided into different categories according to standard taxonomies. NCSU Occupational Activity (OA) codes sort all employees according to their primary activity. Using OA code, faculty population in 2008 was 2,132. Taxonomies used for national reporting—to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)—sort employees differently. Using IPEDS taxonomy, faculty population in 2008 was 1,968.
  • During the period summarized, UNC System Office changed the definitions of several personnel categories. In 2002, a change in OA codes caused an apparent increase in administrators from 209 to 454, with no underlying real change. The same year, to meet IPEDS reporting requirements, UNC System Office expanded the definition of full-time instructional faculty to include research and extension. SPA career banding has also led to reclassification of some professional, technical, and clerical positions.

Race / Ethnicity – Between 2008 and 2009, the coding for race/ethnicity was changed. The years before 2009 are therefore not directly comparable to 2009 and later. Although there is a close fit in mapping the old codebook to new values, employees can now check two or more ethnicity/race choices, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander was added as a new choice.

Introduction and Definitions, includes description of Occupational Activity codes and others.

Reports for All Employees

Reports for Headcounts for All Faculty 

Reports for Headcounts for All Faculty, by Faculty Rank 

Reports for All Tenured and Tenure-Track Personnel, includes Administrators and Faculty 

Reports for Faculty defined by external reporting for IPEDS and AAUP
The AAUP full-time faculty definition is used for calculating average salaries for inter-institutional comparisons.