Assessment Definitions at NC State University


  • Guiding Principles for Assessment at NC State University were developed to guide assessment efforts across NC State University. These Principles are core values and philosophies that describe how NC State University currently conducts and strives to conduct assessment. Developing and reviewing these principles assists the coordination of assessment, provides a perspective of what is expected and increases the sense of shared responsibility for student learning.
  • Statements Of Best Practices for assessment at NC State University are intended to provide direction, focus, and vision for assessment at NC State University. The Assessment Work Group developed these best practices to put into concrete terms the ideals expressed by Guiding Principles for Assessment.

Assessment is Widespread

  • within individual NC State academic, administrative, and service units.
  • in units’ Compact Plans.
  • with campus- and system-wide surveys and other outcomes data.

Assessment is Coordinated

  • Faculty, staff, and administrators involved in assessment
    • form NC State campus teams at national, regional, and local meetings on assessment.
    • hold regular assessment meetings across departments within their colleges or units on assessment.
  • Staff who assist units’ assessment efforts