Planning & Evaluation

Office of Institutional Research and Planning supports the evaluation of teaching, academic programs, administrative services, and accreditation reviews.


ClassEval – Through an online evaluation system administered by OIRP, all course sections are evaluated each term using a standard instrument accompanied by optional, unique questions selected by deans, department heads, and instructors.

University Accreditation – OIRP coordinated reaffirmations of NC State’s accreditation in 1994, 2004 and 2014. The office is also coordinating preparations for the current SACS review.

University Assessment – At NC State, assessment is the responsibility of each program or administrative unit and coordinated by assessment professionals in various divisions and colleges. OIRP contributes institutional data and analyses, surveys of students and alumni, and other resources. OIRP has also supported the evolution of assessment processes across campus by leading the development of shared foundations and assisting with reviews current practices.