Credit Hours

Student Credit Hours

The student credit-hour (SCH) report is produced each semester from the SIS student course denorm and the employee denorm. It shows the total credit hours and total contact hours for each college. Hours are reported by the college / department offering the course, and a second report for home college / department of instructor.

The reports have an ALL credit hours and contact hours section, then there is an on-campus report and a distance education report which sum to ALL.  The credit hours include both fundable and non-fundable hours.

Departmental Credit Hours

Department reports are detailed rows by department within college.

Full-Time Equivalents (FTE)

  • Total FTE. The sum of Instructional FTE and Supplemental FTE for each college.
  • Instructional FTE – Faculty. All permanent faculty, including those on leave with pay, and temporary faculty not replacing a faculty member on leave with pay. The Instructional FTE is computed by summing all of the 101-1310 FTEs for faculty with teaching, research, and extension responsibilities.  For Vet Medicine 106-1310 is included without an attempt to separate into instruction and research responsibilities.
  • Supplemental FTE – Supplemental Faculty. All others teaching a class, including administrators, graduate teaching assistants, undergraduate lab assistants, and those not paid through PeopleSoft. The Supplemental FTE is computed by dividing the total credit hours taught by each member of this group by 12. These FTEs are then summed for each college that has course responsibility.  This is a surrogate for 101-1310 FTEs.