Preliminary Enrollment

The Preliminary Enrollment report contains unofficial student headcount and FTE numbers in the days leading up to census. The report starts on the first day of classes and continues until census is taken by UNC System Office on the tenth day of classes and becomes the official data for the semester.

Now being reported via SAS Visual Analytics.

The format of the old report has been reproduced as faithfully as possible.  Be aware that the new tool has functionality not available in the old report, so some rows and columns may be ‘folded up’ and must be expanded to create the format of the old report.  There are instructions on each page where this occurs.

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Start by choosing your report date at the upper right.  This date reflects data copied as of the close of business the previous day and includes an integer that reflects the count of days relative to the day of classes for the term.
For example, ‘Day -2 15AUG2017‘ denotes data frozen at the end of August 14, and represents enrollments as of two days before the start of the term.

Note: If you have any issues accessing this report please try cutting and pasting the following URL into your browser:

If you are unable to access this report, please email for assistance