Get Help: Survey Consultation

Need help? If you are thinking about administering a survey and want to ensure that you gather the best data possible for your research needs and that you are appropriately following ethical guidelines, a good place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the best practices of survey design. The American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) has invaluable information on its website.  See in particular  Education & Resources and Best Practices for Research .

OIRP staff can also provide consultation services (as time permits) on designing and administering a survey. Such services could include assistance with and/or advice on defining your objectives, identifying the appropriate population, sampling, questionnaire development, programming online surveys, crafting survey invitations and reminder messages, confidentiality, use of incentives, data cleaning and analysis, and report writing and presentations.  Contact us at .

Additional Resources:

  • Institutional Review Board: It is almost certain that your survey project involves the use of human subjects (i.e., you are asking people to participate in your survey). As such, you are responsible for following institutional policy and federal regulations geared toward the protection of human subjects.  See the IRB website for more information.
  • Qualtrics: OIRP manages the university-wide license for Qualtrics, a tool to develop and administer surveys online. NC State faculty, staff, and students can create a free Qualtrics account under the NC State license.  The Qualtrics Support website includes an extensive array of educational online modules and webinars directed at helping users learn to successfully navigate the many features of Qualtrics.