About ClassEval

NC State Faculty:
Below is information you can put in your syllabus about end-of-semester class evaluations.

Schedule:  Online class evaluations will be available for students to complete during the last 2 weeks of the semester for full semester courses and the last week of shorter sessions.  Evaluations then become unavailable at 8am on the first day of finals.

For the first eight week session of the spring semester evaluations will be available:

8am February 20th, 2017 through 8 am March 1st, 2017

For the second eight week session of the fall semester evaluations will be available:

8am April 19th, 2017 through 8am April 28th, 2017

Finally for full semester evaluations will be available:

8am April 17th, 2017 through 8 am May 1st, 2017

Students will receive an email message directing them to a website where they can login using their Unity ID and complete evaluations.  All evaluations are confidential; instructors will not know how any one student responded to any question, and students will not know the ratings for any instructors.

Evaluation website:  http://go.ncsu.edu/cesurvey
Student help desk:  classeval@ncsu.edu
More information about ClassEvalhttps://oirp.ncsu.edu/surveys/classeval