Future Plans Survey, Graduate Future Plans Survey, and Survey of Recent Graduates

The Future Plans Survey of Graduating Seniors (FPS) and the Graduate Future Plans Survey (GFPS), administered in the weeks surrounding commencement in December and May, collect specific information on graduating seniors’ and graduate students’ ‘future plans,’ respectively, including detailed information on employment, graduate/professional school attendance, and participation in career-preparation activities while at NC State. Results are available for NC State graduates overall, as well as by College.


The Survey of Recent Graduates, which collects similar information for undergraduates, is administered as a follow-up survey to the Future Plans Survey. In early Fall semester of the following academic year, those who indicated in either the December or May Future Plans Survey that they had not yet found full-time employment, had not decided on or been accepted into graduate/professional school, or were still undecided about their plans are invited to participate in the Survey of Recent Graduates. In addition, graduates from the previous academic year who did not complete their Future Plans Survey are also invited to participate. The Survey of Recent Graduates, therefore, enables us to provide a more complete picture of the employment and further education of NC State’s graduates from the previous academic year, taking into consideration those who might have taken a few months beyond graduation to obtain employment or gain acceptance to graduate/professional school. Rather than present separate results from the Survey of Recent Graduates, we combine them with those from the Future Plans Surveys of the previous academic year.

NC State Future Plans Survey: What, When, How, Who, and Why? 
(A presentation on the research design of the Future Plans Survey of Graduating Seniors)

Summary of Results from the May 2017 Future Plans Survey

May 2018 Undergraduates’ Average Starting Salaries & Graduate/Professional School Attendance 
(Point & click interface with data by college, department, and academic major)

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Future Plans Survey (Undergraduates)
Graduate Future Plans Survey

Future Plans Survey

By Academic Year
(Reports combining responses from the December and May Future Plans Surveys for the academic year, along with those from the follow-up Survey of Recent Graduates.)

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Graduate Future Plans Survey

Summary of Results from the May 2018 Graduate Future Plans Survey (Doctoral Degree Recipients)
Summary of Results from the May 2018 Graduate Future Plans Survey (Master’s Degree Recipients)

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